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Herbicide Treatments

Here in the UK, an integrated approach to the killing of weeds has been adopted. No longer are unsafe chemicals the only way to rid a lawn of weeds; today, there are environmental solutions which pose no threat to human, child or animal.


Lawn3 prides itself on using only those treatments which are safe for the entire family, and those that will not harm wanted grass or other plants.


Environmentally-Friendly Herbicide Solutions


Our standard treatment is good for any lawn. The products we use are not available through normal retail outlets and as such, are concentrated to kill the weeds in your lawn in just a couple of weeks.


We apply our environmentally-friendly herbicide three times per year during March and April, May and June and July and August. The herbicides we use kill the entire plant, and not just that part of the plant which is visible above the ground. The treatment starts working on contact, and is deactivated once it makes contact with the soil.


Monocotes and Dicotes: What’s the Difference?


Weeds, or dicotes, have a different growth process than grass plants, or monocotes. The Dicote can be identified by the veins in its leaves, which are usually net-like. As well, dicotes usually have a taproot and floral parts usually in multiples of four or five.


A dicote’s leaves contain veins that are usually parallel. Their roots are fibrous in nature, and their floral parts are visible in multiples of three.


The fibrous roots of monocotes travel in several different directions, and occupy the soil’s upper level. Dicote root structures dig deeper into the soil and create a thicker system.


Using the Proper Treatment


As you now know, there are many differences between monocotes and dicotes. Therefore, using a monocote herbicide to eliminate a dicote will not work. At Lawn3, our experts are trained in the proper use of all of the herbicides we apply so that your lawn receives the right treatment, regardless of the season the treatment is applied.


Contact Us Today for Your Free Assessment


Lawn3 offers a free, no-obligation lawn assessment. Simply call us on 01332 523856 or visit the contact page to get in touch with us via email, and we can arrange your assessment. When we visit, we will not only tell you what is happening on and in your lawn, but we will recommend a course of action to restore your lawn to its green glory.

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Get In Touch Today For Your Free Lawn Assessment


Q)Will Lawn 3 Really Cost Me Less Than DIY, and Why?


Yes! Our fertilisers are slow-release and last for up to three months. This is twice as long as off-the-shelf products. We also apply the right products on your lawn at the right time of year, meaning zero waste. Not only does it cost less, but it requires far less effort than DIY.

Q) What Does Lawn 3 Do?


Lawn 3 specialises in the treatment and restoration of your lawn. We offer several types of lawn treatment which are detailed below.

Year-Round Treatment

Mar\Apr – We apply spring fertiliser and weed treatment to your lawn
May\Jun – We apply early summer fertiliser and weed treatment to your lawn
Jul\Aug – We apply late summer fertiliser and weed treatment to your lawn
Sept\Oct – We apply liquid iron treatment to your lawn to control moss and protect it over the winter
Nov – We apply crane fly (daddy long legs) treatment to your lawn to prevent infestation in the spring

Supplementary Treatments

These treatments can be included with your year-round treatment, or ordered independently.

Scarification – We remove moss and/or thatch from your lawn, which improves oxygen, water & nutrient levels in the soil

Aeration – This treatment improves drainage, provides space for root growth in your lawn, and allows nutrients and oxygen to the root zone

Miraclemoss – Our own organic moss control treatment, safe for pets, wildlife and your border plants

Pest Control – Chafer Grub treatments to rid your lawn of dead spots

Mowless – A treatment that reduces the speed of your lawn’s growth, reducing the need to mow and resulting in a much healthier lawn


Q) What’s the Difference between Lawn 3 Products and Garden Centre Products?


Garden centre products are diluted so that no professional qualifications are required to buy or apply them. But this also means that they can be less effective when applied to your lawn. As well, many of these products are a mixture of lawn food, moss killer, greener and weed killer, which also compromises their effectiveness.

As well, garden centre products are designed to give a flush of growth so that you see visible results sooner. Unfortunately, much of the solution is too strong to be absorbed by your lawn and simply washes away. All of the operators at Lawn 3 are NPTC qualified, able to purchase and apply professional-strength fertilisers and weed killers to your lawn.

All of the products Lawn 3 applies are slow release, which allows a carefully regulated release of nutrients into the soil for a lawn that not only looks healthy on the surface, but really is healthy all the way from root to top.

Our Happy Clients

"Stephen Monk Lawn 3 has been looking after our lawn for nearly three years , and we are very pleased with the personal service he provides and the results achieved to date. Previously over a period of some last seven years we had a similar service from two other lawn care providers. In each case we decided, after a reasonable period, that they were not providing the service we had expected. We found Lawn 3 by an internet search, and were impressed by the personal service referred to in the website testimonials Our lawn has suffered for many years with red thread. We are currently nearly free of this thanks to Stephen. He takes considerable pride in his work and makes you feel your lawn is important to him. He is extremely approachable whilst providing a professional caring service often giving simple self help tips to improve the lawn. Thanks Stephen"

Graham Motteram - Turnditch Derbyshire,

"Dear Steve, Lawn3 reseeded our lawn in the spring and we are very pleased with the result. Rather than a lawn filled with dandelions and Mind Your Own business we now have a beautiful thick green lawn - too nice to walk on! Steve is always helpful, keeps to his appointment times and has gone out of his way to give us extra advice. For anyone wondering whether to go for laying turf or seeding a lawn I would definitely recommend the latter. Our garden is shaded by a large tree so Steve has seeded with a shade tolerant grass seed - we are delighted. Thanks Steve"

Diane Moss, White Street, Derby,

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